Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Creating Drill Down Reports on the Cloud for Customer Survey Data source

Measuring customer satisfaction, registering customer feedback during visits or ...... it can all be done in SAP Cloud for Customer using Survey's.
Surveys are fully flexible and allow you to setup a dynamic sequence of questions and answers, allowing you to gain insight in what is driving your business.
In many cases you might want to report on question dependencies. For instance, 'what do customers that answered A to question 1, answer to question 2. This will provide a real drill down report with the Survey.

Lets look at this requirement with a Net Promotor Score (NPS) example.
Question 1 NPS Question:  How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Question 2 Root Cause Question:  What is the main reason for this rating?

We would like to do a Pareto analysis on the root cause per NPS Score. In other words, what is the main reason why people would recommend us and what is the main reason why they wouldn't?. This can be done in a nice column diagram that is sorted in counter. But the data needs to be available in a specific manner to be able to relate two questions to each other.

The Challenge

With the standard data source all questions become an entry in a table. This would look like the following table. You can see that all answers are available in the same field "Answers" and this limits the options of referencing them. I cannot make a selection on the answer of the NPS questions, and still show the answer of the Root Cause question.

Now how can we transform the Data Source to get the answers in a way that we can do this. In order to build our required Pareto diagram we need to transform the data to look like this table. In this table we can select based on the NPS answer and still show the Root Cause answer.

The Solution

The solution is based on creating separate data sources containing only the answer to 1 Question.
We can do this with the creation  of a cloud data source per question and joining these cloud data sources with the standard survey data source.

Step 1. 
We create a Cloud Data Source for each question containing only the question description or ID.
So in this case that would be 2 Cloud Data Sources.

Step 2.
We create an InnerJoin Data Source with the new Cloud Data Source and the Survey Data Source.

Step 3.
We create a Left outer Join Data Source with all Data Sources created in step 2. The picture on the right shows this setup for 3 questions.

Step 4.
Now we can create a report an the new Data Source. In the Report wizard you will get several fields with the name "Answer" in step 4 "Characteristics Properties" you can change this description to for example "NPS Score" and "Root Cause"