Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hurray.... your Prospect is now a Customer!

Just a few weeks to go in 2017 and it's Christmas time again! Time to sit around the Christmas tree together with family and friends, to enjoy the moments and to unpack your presents! The November 2017 release (1711) of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer also featured some nice gifts and presents and I'm going to unpack one of them for you!
You're now able to define a workflow rule that will automatically convert the account from a Prospect role to a Customer role when a sales quote is set to won. This feature is a really nice one and will make lots of Sales Managers very happy.
Interested? Read all about it in this blog....

Workflow Rule

In the recent past a Sales Manager or Sales Employee had to manually convert a Prospect into a Customer by adjusting the Role of the account. You can imagine that this is a time-consuming activity and a Sales Manager is not really waiting for this. Besides setting the status of the Sales Quote to 'won', he or she also had to adjust the account role.
Many times I've been asked if this couldn't be made more efficient and turn this into a single step process flow? Of course there is the possibility of building some additional code to have this requirement fullfilled. But now the solution is provided by standard SAP without any coding.
How? By using a workflow rule that can perform a cross field update!
Workflow rules in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer are an under-utilized productivity tool and often forgotten to be used for solving a business issue. The three pillars of workflow rules are: the right notification/action to the right person at the right time.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer allows Administrators to configure workflow rules in an easy manner that will automatically perform notifications and/or system tasks. 

Now let's see how we can configure a workflow rule to offer the Sales Managers a helping hand.

First of all, the following basic steps have to be taken:
  • Log on as Administrator to C4C;
  • Go to Workflow Rules en create a new rule.

From this point on the real work starts and you're only 4 steps away from activating the Workflow Rule....

Step 1: Enter Basic Data

The first step of creating a new workflow rule is to enter the basic data.

  • Fill in a description for your workflow rule;
  • Select the Business Object for which the workflow rule is relevant. In this case the workflow rule is relevant for 'Sales Quote';
  • Select 'On Every Save' as the moment of timing. As soon as the Sales Quote is being saved, the workflow rule will be triggered and executed.

Step 2: Define Conditions

The second step to be taken is to enter the conditions when the workflow rule should be triggered and executed.

  • Select the field value of the Business Object, chosen in the step above, which will be the trigger for the workflow rule. In this case select the value 'Progress';
  • The Compare Operator is 'Equal to';
  • With the 'Value' set to 'Won'.
So the workflow rule will be triggered when the field 'Progress' equals to 'Won'.

Step 3: Define Actions

In this step the actions of the workflow rule are defined, meaning what actions should be executed when the workflow rule is relevant.

  • The Rule Type to be selected is a 'Field Update';
  • The field to be updated in this case is 'Prospect';
  • The Update Type is a 'Value' and the value is 'blank'.
Normally the action can only update a field related to the business object that is selected in the first step! With Release 1711 it's possible to perform a cross field update.

Step 4: Review & Confirmation

The last step of setting up the workflow rule is to review the new workflow rule. Check whether the settings are correct and click the 'Activate' button.

So far so good!
But does it actually work and what is the result of this new workflow rule?
Let me illustrate the added value of this new workflow rule by an example in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

I've created a new account which has the initial role 'Prospect'.

Sales Quote has been created for this prospect.

By selecting the action 'Set to Won' the status of the Sales Quote will be set to 'Completed' and the field 'Progress' will be adjusted to 'Won'.

This value should trigger the newly created workflow rule and change the role of the account from 'Prospect' to 'Customer'.
Let's check...

Great!! Now this is what all Sales Managers want to see, so they can entirely focus on the things they are good at.... sales!
What a simple but very effective gift from SAP! I wish it could be Christmas time every month.

Happy Holidays!