Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - Ticket Approval

There are a lot of blogs about approval processes in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. However, the most blogs that I found are related to sales quotes, sales order or opportunity approval processes. 

In this blog I will focus on the approval process of service request tickets.

For this blog I will use a ticket approval process scenario that came from a requirement of a customer. The requirement is to use tickets for a refund process and the refund should be approved by managers of certain service teams. The refund value will be entered in the item tab of the ticket.

First off all you need to enable the approval process for tickets in the scoping: Service > Customer Care > Service Request Management > Do you want to use a multi-step approval for tickets? After the approval is enabled you have to setup an approval process for the tickets. This can be done via the Workcenter Administrator > Approval Process

Approval set-up

In this Approval process overview, you can define the Process Steps, Work Distribution and Conditions.

Process Steps:
You can define multiple steps for the approval process.

Work Distribution:
With Work Distribution you determine who needs to approve, if there are more approvals required and skip Reapproval. For the Work Distribution you can select one of the following options:
Approver of Ticket
Direct Approvers
Manager of Agent Responsible for Ticket
Manager of Service Technician for Ticket
Responsible for Account

If the conditions defined are met, an approval will be required.

In this scenario I need a multiple approval flows for tickets that are assigned to certain service teams (e.g. Team Benelux, Team France, Team Italy, Team Greece, etc.) with a Work Distribution of direct approvers. 
In SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer you are not allowed to have multiple active approval flows. However, this can be solved by adding multiple process steps in the approval flow and each step contains a condition with a certain team.

After the approval flow is set-up and active, it is ready to use.

Ticket approval in action

When a ticket is created and meets the approval conditions (in this case Team Benelux), you can submit the ticket for approval via Actions > Submit for approval (or Withdraw ticket from approval for any reason).

After submitting for approval, the approver will get a notification via the notifications in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. After the approver has reviewed the ticket, the approver can Approve or Send the approval back for revision. 

Via the Approval tab in the ticket you can see who needs to approve the ticket. Via this tab the approvers also have the possibility to Approve or Send the approval back for revision from the ticket.

Approvers can also subscribe to an e-mail notification. In this case the approver will not only receive a notification, but also an e-mail.  

In Next week's blog the functionality how to approve Tickets, Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, etc via e-mail will be discussed.