Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What's new in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 18.05 Release

Spring is in the air so it's time to gear up for the new release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.
In the weekend of April 22nd SAP will upgrade all test tenants to the 18.05 release. The production environment will follow in the weekend of May 6th .

In today's blog we try to give you an overview of the highlights of the 18.05 release. The complete release briefing was over 360 slides so we can’t go into all the details.

Platform and Integration

A new UI theme is coming. The Belize theme will come in beta release in 18.05. Another UI change that will become available in a later release is the placement of the general buttons. As this impacts all users SAP informs customers up front about this.

From the 18.05 release end users can personalize their own screens from the Fiori client. Administrators can set what end users are allowed to change, using the HTML5 client.

Transport Management – Is now General available and includes – Adaption Changes (Key User Tool changes, Code List Restrictions), language Adaption, Local Form templates

In the Analytics section some new features are delivered that will make life much easier:
  • Show values in Charts with hover over
  • You can compare two points in graph, will show delta / sum / average
  • Selecting a part of a Pie chart will also high light the linked section in the value help
  • Dashboards can now be designed in the Fiori client  (Fine Tuning)
  • You can customize the colours in charts
  • The menu bar can be hidden when loading the Homescreen, to make it a real dashboard.

A new UI section called Side Panel is now available for Object Details. Key information is now always accessible in the side panel while the user works on the main pane. This feature can be enabled via company setting. The side panel can be collapsed (or expanded) by clicking on the facet name e.g. “Details”.  The side panel will become default from 19.02 release and this company setting will be  removed.

What's new in Sales

Within the Hybris suite the registration of marketing permissions can be done in Cloud for Customer and Hybris Marketing, with the new release SAP delivers a tighter integration between the two systems. If you also use Hybris marketing, all permissions are registered in this system. From Cloud for Customer you can view and edit the permissions. 

The new release provides a new Integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. HTML mashups are available on Customers, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.

In the Fiori Client Click-to-Call Integration is now available (on-line access only when CTI is in place). With this functionality phone numbers will become clickable in all business objects.

The survey suite has been extended to work with versioning during survey design. Multi language support is now available in the main editor and during the execution of a survey a progress indicator is available

What's new in Service

New simple ticket summary and signature capture is enabled for offline. This will allow admins to design the ticket template in online and allow technicians to generate ticket summary and capture signatures while in offline mode.

Email channel: You can now save your emails from a ticket in a draft status. 

In the ticket workflow some enhancements are made:
  • Additional fields for filtering: Service Request Classification (Irrelevant tickets filter
  • Additional fields for Output via place holders: Service Location Fields ( City, building, Country, Floor, House number) and Work Description
In the Resource Scheduler you can now search in resources to filter out only the resources you are interested in. Also a new view called Month Detail is available to enable planning over longer periods.